10 décembre 2021

New Zealand

We tell you our travel in New Zealand.

DAY 1 :

We arrived in the apartment at the ocean located close to Tauhoa in the north island. The lodge was beautiful ! As soon as we arrived, we had made canoe in the river entitled Whanaki.

The evening, we have eaten in a local farm and was excelent.

 KayakPourquoi acheter vos produits dans une ferme locale ?

DAY 2 :Nouvelle-Zélande - le lac Wakatipu

We woke up with a incredible view.This day, we went to see dolphins. In the sky, we have seen a lot of people skydiving.Was incredible !

But, Nausica was seasick.We had to return to a hotel thatwe had booked which is located in Queenstown. We enjoyed the splendid view of Lake Wakatipu.


DAY 3 :

That Wednesday, we went for a walk in the mountains Lettre aux partenaires n°33 : 2014 – 2017, le retour du bouquetin dans les Pyrénées Ariégeoises | Bouquetin Pyrénées
with a mountain guide.
We had a few aches but it was worth it. We saw a family of ibex.




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